Does My Air Conditioner Have a Warranty?

Air conditioner repairs are a surprise expense many homeowners face during the summer months. It’s important to determine if your system is covered by an air conditioner warranty, which could provide coverage for repairs if the cooling system issue concerns covered components.

If your cooling equipment is newer, it is likely covered by an air conditioner warranty from the manufacturer. Most manufacturers offer 5 to 10-year limited air conditioner warranties, which typically cover the compressor. Some HVAC contractors also offer labor warranties for a set term following the initial installation that cover defects associated with their work.

Do I Have an Air Conditioner Warranty?

Most manufacturers require a homeowner to register their new cooling equipment for an air conditioner warranty after purchase. This is an important step to take after you have a new cooling system installed – failing to register may void the air conditioner warranty that came with your equipment.

To find out if you have an existing air conditioner warranty, try the following:

  • Check the documents and manuals that you received after your air conditioner was installed. If an air conditioner warranty was included with purchase, the air conditioner warranty information is likely to be with this paperwork so you can check its terms.
  • Many manufacturers provide an air conditioner warranty lookup on their websites. You will likely need the serial number from your air conditioner to look up this information. If you do not have the above paperwork handy, the serial number is found on the rating plate of the equipment – this is typically located on the exterior of the cooling equipment.
  • Contact your HVAC contractor for assistance with warranty information. Whichever company you purchased the equipment from may have your system’s air conditioner warranty information available.

I Just Moved to This Home, Do I Have an Air Conditioner Warranty?

A new air conditioning system is a selling point for many home buyers, but air conditioner warranty protection is just as important! The original purchaser of the cooling equipment should have registered the air conditioner warranty, but in some cases, this warranty coverage does not transfer to new owners.

Some HVAC equipment manufacturers do allow air conditioner warranties to transfer to new homeowners after a sale. It is often required that this transfer be done within a certain timeframe after the home is sold. Whenever buying a new home, ask about the air conditioner warranty and if it is transferable to the new homeowner.

Air Conditioner Warranty by Brand

Your equipment’s actual air conditioner warranty varies greatly by the HVAC brand and model. Manufacturers offer different air conditioner warranty terms within their own product lines and often extended air conditioner warranty options are available for purchase.

To give you an idea of typical air conditioner warranty coverage, here are some of the air conditioner warranty terms offered by leading HVAC manufacturers:

  • Goodman air conditioner warranty: 10-year unit replacement limited warranty, lifetime compressor limited warranty on select models
  • Carrier air conditioner warranty: 10-year parts limited warranty on Infinity, Performance, and Comfort series models with Puron refrigerant
  • Lennox air conditioner warranty: 10-year limited parts and compressor warranty for Dave Lennox Signature® Collection Series models; 5-year limited parts warranty, 10-year compressor warranty on Elite® Series models; 5-year parts limited and 5-year compressor warranty on Merit® Series models
  • Trane air conditioner warranty: 1 to 20-year base limited warranty that covers compressor, outdoor coil, and internal functioning components
  • Bryant air conditioner warranty: 10-year standard parts limited warranty if registered within 90 days of purchase; 5-year standard parts limited warranty if not registered
  • Amana air conditioner warranty: Lifetime limited warranty for compressor, lifetime unit replacement warranty, 10-year parts limited warranty varies by model

Many HVAC brands require registration to get the full term of an air conditioner warranty. Failure to register your cooling equipment within the timeframe specified by the manufacturer may reduce warranty length. Certain warranty coverage may only be available to the original purchaser, while other brands allow select air conditioner warranty coverage to transfer to a new homeowner. Extended warranty terms are also available through certain brands, adding several years of coverage.

When shopping for new air conditioning equipment, always investigate the equipment warranty. You need to know what it covers and what you have to do to validate and utilize your coverage. If you plan to sell your home, find out if warranty transfers are possible and what must be done to validate the transfer. Also make sure you pick a brand that uses quality air filters. If your branded of AC doesn’t use good air filters the damage caused to the unit can be substantial.

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